The Team


parker-ruthParker Ruth – Lead

Parker is a sophomore from Bellevue, Washington. He is working towards a double major with bioengineering and computer engineering, with specific interests in synthetic biology, machine learning, and computer vision.  He is currently working in the Klavins lab examining the astonishing neurological regenerative abilities of Hydra. In addition, Parker is developing image recognition software for the OLA-Simple project led by the Lutz Lab. Parker is also part of the UW Interdisciplinary Honors Program and the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program. He ultimately plans to pursue a PhD after graduation.  Outside of school, he enjoys juggling, playing piano, and practicing Tae Kwon Do.


David McIntyre – Lead

David is a bioengineering senior from San Jose, California. He is currently a member of Husky 100 and the Lutz Lab, where he working on the development of a low-cost, paper-based diagnostic for HIV Drug Resistance, OLA-Simple. He is passionate about improving accessibility to healthcare globally, particularly for under-served populations. As the current president of Engineers without Borders, David has traveled and coordinated sustainable engineering projects in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and locally. He intends to pursue a PhD in bioengineering post-graduation, either in global health diagnostics or another related bioE field. Outside of school, David loves to find new coffee shops or hunt for records throughout Seattle, or searching for cheap flights to travel abroad.


Ankita Joshi – Event Coordinator

Ankita is a bioengineering junior from Renton, WA. She is currently working in the Atkins lab in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry to test the half-lives and receptor-binding abilities of cross-linked IgG antibodies for potential application in cancer therapeutics. In the future, she plans to attend graduate school, and work in industry in cancer immunotherapy, a field that excites her because of its innovation and high potential. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to and belting out Taylor Swift, eating too many fruits for her own good, spending time with loved ones, and playing Words with Friends.


Sarah Slack – Outreach Chair

Sarah is a sophomore Bioengineering major. She attended high school in Colorado, but chose to come to the University of Washington after hearing about the Bioengineering Department, visiting, and then falling in love with the campus. She is currently interning in the Woodrow Lab, specifically working with her mentor on the development of a nanoparticle system that targets cells latently infected with HIV. In the future, she is interested in exploring the connections and careers that bridge the fields of bioengineering and public health. Outside of academics, Sarah enjoys running, occasionally with Husky Running Club, and is a Programming Coordinator for a women’s outdoor club on campus, Northwest Women.


Arman Naderi – Outreach Chair

Arman is a sophomore from Issaquah, Washington. At the Folch lab, Arman is developing a portable, pneumatic, microfluidic bioassay for use without technical knowledge in a point-of-care setting. From his experience with 3D-printing and microfluidics, and his knowledge of stem cells, Arman envisions a future in medicine where patient-specific organs are readily available for transplantation. He intends to pursue an MD-PhD degree with specialties in stem cell-based therapies and transplantation medicine. Outside of school, Arman loves to adventure outdoors, whether that’s sport climbing the nearest cliff or snow-shoeing the farthest mountain.


Hienschi Nguyen – Communications Chair

Hienschi is a bioengineering freshman from Sunnyside, Washington. She is currently a member of the Woodrow lab. She is interested in developing regenerative medicine and innovating current medical technology to be affordable to even developing countries. In high school, Hienschi was the finalist for Webmaster and Children Stories in the Washington Technology Student Association Conference. Hienschi was also the 2015-2016 Key Club Lieutenant Governor of Division 50 in which she led seven clubs toward success and helped organized the District Conference. Hienschi aims to pursue a Masters in bioengineering post-graduation. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, photography, and trying new things.


taylor_alyssaAlyssa Taylor – Faculty Advisor

Dr. Taylor is a senior lecturer and undergraduate program coordinator for the bioengineering department. Her teaching activities are focused on developing, implementing, and evaluating core introductory and laboratory courses for bioengineering undergraduates, as well as co-facilitating the Capstone Design sequence. She is currently pursuing continuous program improvement activities as well as educational research, with the ultimate goal of optimizing undergraduate bioengineering curriculum design, student learning outcomes, and program offerings. She really enjoys mentoring students and helping to facilitate connections among students and research and career opportunities.  In her spare time Alyssa enjoys being outdoors, exploring Seattle parks, spending time with her friends and family (including animals!), making jewelry, and traveling.


Clay Schwenn – Staff Advisor

Clay is a nationally recognized, award-winning student advisor with extensive experience developing student programs which emphasize leadership and professional development. As the bioengineering department’s Director of Academic Services, Clay collaborates with faculty to design and run student development programs, to facilitate program review and accreditation, and to design and implement curricular and program changes.